What You Need To Know

What Cannot Go into The Dumpster?


We allow most materials to be disposed of in our dumpsters, but not the following:

  • Paint
  • Chemicals of any kind
  • Asbestos
  • Creosote
  • Household garbage

Do I Need A Permit For The Dumpster?


If you are placing our dumpster on a public road, you may need a permit. But you will not need a permit for a dumpster on private property.

How Large Are Your Dumpsters? Do I Have Enough Space?


All our dumpsters, regardless of size, have a 22'x8' footprint. We ask that you leave us enough room to load and unload the dumpster.

On What Surfaces Can The Dumpsters Be Placed?


We recommend placing our dumpsters on a driveway or a street. If needed, our dumpsters can also be placed on grass or dirt, but keep in mind that the grass may be damaged as a result.

How Much Will A Roll-Off Dumpster Rental Cost?


Our dumpster rental prices can vary depending on several factors. To know exactly how much your rental will cost, contact us. We can supply a quote for your residential or commercial dumpster rental.

What Area Do You Serve?


Our team serves Lafayette, LA, and the surrounding areas. We apply fuel charges for dumpster rentals outside of the Lafayette parish.

How Long Is a Rental Period?


Our dumpsters can be rented for 15 days. After 15 days, we charge per-day premiums.

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